Through our unique blend of experienced tutors, health & safety consultants, and skilled CG developers we are able to offer complete Virtual Reality, 3D modelling/animation and bespoke software services to accompany your internal and external training requirements, tailored exactly to your needs.

We understand how industry processes work, and we understand how best to transfer knowledge from one party to another using a range of teaching methods. Through combining the best pedagogical practices with life like 3D animations and/or virtual reality experiences, the knowledge transferred has a retention rate of of up to 75% against reading at 10% and lectures at 5%.


Video vs 3D Animation

Making a professional video is an expensive process that can be difficult to implement as well as difficult and very expensive to amend once complete.

One small change in industry legislation can leave you with a video that is unusable and a large production cost that is unrecoverable.

By using 3D animations it not only reduces the costs, it also enables you to amend changes in standard or approach as many times as you require at a fraction of the cost of hiring a film crew to re-take a video.